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Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry is THE MAN.  With the possible exception of his works of fiction (actually Jaber Crow is the only one we have tried and found less inspiring) we can’t get enough of him.  His thoughts, which have been a big motivation for Plough and Stars, were recently summarized beautifully by D. Brent Laytham, in an article entitled “So As Not To Be Estranged: Creation Spirituality and Wendell Berry” on  Atonement is the oldest metaphor in Berry, first articulated over 30 years ago in the essay “Discipline and Hope.” Because we are estranged... Read the Rest →


Weekend Forecast: Mostly Fluorescent and 65

Spring has sprung early in Boston and by now I think it is safe to say that we got off easy this year. The snowblower we reluctantly bought after shoveling 80+ inches of snow last year only got one lap around the house and our daffodils began poking their heads up a couple of weeks ago. Spring however came even earlier to our basement, thanks to a new grow light recommended to us by family friends in the medicinal marijuana business: We have tried to plant early in the past to get... Read the Rest →