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Wendell Berry is Concerned

(See Bottom for Update) As you may know, Wendell Berry is very concerned about the fate of the environment and sanity our nation’s consumer-driven culture.  But apparently he’s also very concerned about me going off to farm school in the fall. Who would have guessed?! Backing up a few steps, I should tell you that it was Wendell Berry who originally transformed our farm fantasy into today’s purpose-filled reality.  For those who don’t know him, he is philosopher, author and farmer who writes beautifully about the importance of sustainable agriculture... Read the Rest →


Processing Poultry, In Life and Death…

Today, there is only one photo.  It was all I could bear to take. This morning, Dina and I reluctantly rose at five am, plucked our Dorothies from their comfortable roosts, placed them gently their old chick brooder, and drove them to Cambridge to leave them in the care of Louis, a man with a knife and bloody apron. It was the second time we have culled members of our current flock but the first time we shed tears.  The first two we butchered were easy to let go. They... Read the Rest →