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The Winter Woods

In November of 1992, 1,700 of the world’s leading scientists (including the majority of the Nobel laureates in the sciences) published a little-known document called the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity.  It’s a quick and sobering read, using simple words to describe our future and the choices we have to make or pay dearly for later.  Next month will mark the 20th anniversary of that document and its starting feel like the future they describe is now blowing not too far off our coast, literally.  Their letter opens like this:... Read the Rest →


Simple Pleasures

“One of the intangible legacies the Shakers left to the world is their demonstrations that it is possible for man to create the environment and the way of life he wants, if he wants it enough.  Man can choose.  The shakers were practical idealists.  They did not dream vaguely of conditions they would like to see realized; they went to work to make these conditions an actuality.  They wasted no time in raging against competitive society, or in complaining bitterly that they had no power to change it; instead they... Read the Rest →


Slow weeding

Sunday October 14, 2012 Week 1. I suspect it’s no coincidence that our first week of Farm School coincides with the magical time of year when all the leaves are at their peak brilliance.  After people have uprooted their lives, sold their homes, left careers and family members to live among strangers and learn how to farm, what better way to assure them of the rightness of their decision than by letting dig their first potatoes in fields fringed by an impossible canopy of warmth and amazement.  On a walk... Read the Rest →


First Day of School

Today, farm school begins.  Today, the mental prep work ends and the physical work begins.  In the weeks and months leading up to this moment, I have sat with the words of many great farmer philosophers and I’ve not escaped unchanged. I’m excited for what’s ahead.  Farm School will be an exercise in living simply, practicing gratitude, being responsible to a local community and learning to respect nature’s limits.  It will be a chance to use my body in tangible ways to connect with the awesome force that sustains life... Read the Rest →