An Ongoing Story, In Words and Photos, About The Challenges Of Living Life On The Farm, The Inspiration That Sustains Us And The Lessons Learned Throughout. Thanks for visiting!

Moving Pictures

One year ago today, Dina and I held our breath in a darkened exam room as our doctor studied an ultrasound glowing on a screen overhead. Years of tests, procedures and crushing losses convinced us that this attempt, possibly our last, had failed as well. “There is a pregnancy in the uterus,” the doctor intoned as we tried to comprehend the nebulous white blob on the screen. He continued to speak but a fog descended and I only remember hearing him call out, “Have a great pregnancy!” as we danced... Read the Rest →


In The Weeds

Nine months ago, the hard-neck garlic went into the ground.  We fifteen wide-eyed and eager student farmers, just weeks into our academic year, cased the immaculate field unbroken by latent weeds, its rows of square-shouldered beds unmarked by foot or trowel. The whole year lay ahead of us. We blessed, buried and patted each clove as we inched along the rows.  A third of the way into the nine thousand-clove planting, we got a taste of the blisters and aching backs to come.  But our morale soared. We were drunk... Read the Rest →


Too Much of a Good Thing

“A dry summer will scare you to death.  A wet summer will starve you to death.” Fellow famer John Moore intoned these words as he watched a slow trickle of customers eyeball his offerings of grass fed beef and maple syrup at the Athol Farmers Market.  Moore works a neighboring farm in Orange, MA and we have in common a patch of sky that either blesses or curses our fields each year.  This summer, despite a warm and dry start, fields around here are now rivers of mud, having been... Read the Rest →


Same Land, New Landscape

Last October, when I first arrived here at Maggie’s Farm, the onions and shallots had long been harvested.  The only vegetable residents of ‘Home Base,’ which is what they call the field outside my bedroom window, were a few beds of passed-over leeks.  It was the tail-end of the growing season so we harvested what we could and turned the leftover crop residue back into the soil.  The snows came and went and came again, while the promise of new life come springtime – both botanical and human – loomed... Read the Rest →


He’s Here!!!

A week ago, May 24th, 2013, our lives changed forever when our son (I can’t believe I’m writing that), Wendell Jameson Jacobs burst onto the scene weighing in at seven pounds two ounces of perfect and wonder.  The labor was intense and another sobering reminder that all plans are subject to ruthless revision.  But Dina was INCREDIBLE and after 36 hours, pulled us through… err, I mean pushed. Now that he’s here with us, Jameson (we’re calling him by his middle name) is melting our hearts and kicking our butts... Read the Rest →