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Newest Member of the Flock

By Dina It is Saturday and Thanksgiving is behind us.  Erik and I are lounging around in our PJs reflecting on (and recovering from) what was a three-day knock-out parade of family bonding, farm-to-table values, and a few (rather large) surprises. We’re wiped out, but we’re feeling especially grateful. To explain: Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. There are the traditional foods, which make menu-planning a joyful variations-on-a-theme pursuit and the focus is on gratitude rather than acquisition (other than a third-helping of pie). But we also love Thanksgiving because, at... Read the Rest →


Backyard Chicken Pot Pie

It’s just me and a dead chicken in the kitchen at 4 in the morning listing to the BBC. To mangle Anna Karenina, sleeping people are all alike, but every insomniac is awake in her own way. And my way is to get a head start on a chicken-pot-pie recipe as well to marvel at how circle-of-life-y this all is. From fluff ball to ultra-awkward pullets to egg-laying super mommas to rubber chicken look-a-like to dinner to scraps to chicken food.   Dorothy, as she and her sisters are all... Read the Rest →


Never too soon to plan for breakfast . . .

It’s a bit precocious to be crafting menus for a bed and breakfast that exists only in my mind. But a man cannot live by bread alone, and this woman definitely cannot live without pumpkin bread. At least, that’s what I decided while falling asleep last night and visions of velvety spiced loaves bounced around my brain. Remembering the can of organic, home-grown pumpkin in our pantry (thanks, farmer Mom), I resolved to — upon waking —  bake the Platonic ideal of “Pumpkin Bread.” The result? Well, I’ll let a few facts... Read the Rest →