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Black Friday

Yes, we know.  Black Friday is an odious and made up holiday.  But what the heck, farmers are all about the seasons and since this is the ‘season’ of shopping why not get into the spirit?   It just so happens that we know of the perfect thing; the ultimate gift for the holidays for you AND your loved ones —  formulated with a unique blend of righteousness and virtue that will lift the conflict of consumerism and exfoliate the guilt of overspending away.  A gift that’s hyper local (if... Read the Rest →


Tending Your Microbial Garden

I spent 4 years in college studying the human body.  My interest in life at that point was to comprehend how the 10 trillion cells that make us up work together.  But as it turns out, those 10 trillion cells are but a fraction of the whole. We’re actually made up of 100 trillion cells. Those other 90 trillion cells of “us” aren’t genetically “us” at all, but make up our very own microbiome: a whole ecosystem of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms that live in and on our body. The... Read the Rest →


P&S Celebrity Endorsement Announcement

BIG NEWS!  We have only been sharing this dream with the world for about a month now and already we’ve landed a major celebrity endorsement deal! Okay so maybe ‘major’ is an overstatement.  And I guess the term ‘celebrity’ doesn’t really apply.  Oh, and we didn’t get paid for the use of our likeness yet. But we did get a bottle with our names on it!!! From the makers of Black Crow Soap (Dina’s mom) comes : “Erik’s Farm Face” and “Dina’s Luv Face” two products that are sure to... Read the Rest →