An Ongoing Story, In Words and Photos, About The Challenges Of Living Life On The Farm, The Inspiration That Sustains Us And The Lessons Learned Throughout. Thanks for visiting!

Snow growing

I’m tired of snow. I’m tired about talking about snow. And yet, here we are – talking about it. We’re weeks into spring and Boston is still spotted in a mottled, filthy layer of the stuff. I scan the forecast each day for a glimmer of hope. Sixty degrees please? Fifty-five? Sadly, the most imaginative meteorologists still put hope at least a 10-day forecast away. Despite Nature testing our resolve to love her unconditionally, winter has otherwise been deeply restorative for Dina and me. Dina has mostly finished the book she... Read the Rest →


Rain and Foxes

For months after our son was born, Dina and I routinely woke in the middle of the night, panicked that our infant was tangled in the sheets. One of us would rip the blankets off the bed (much to the chagrin of our sleeping partner), frantic to find him before he smothered, only to realize that Wendell was safe and sound in his crib. The midnight panic attacks returned this week when I woke to find myself again searching the blankets and shaking Dina awake. But this time, I was... Read the Rest →


Farming Without A Farm

“Are you effing kidding me?!!” Dina’s voice leapt the ten inches from the phone’s speaker and pierced my dazed brain. “A car ran into our tractor?”  “Something like that.” I blinked at the car parts strewn about Route 2A and our yellow Farmall Cub tractor perched oddly atop a trailer bed. Emergency workers gathered near a red Honda Fit resting on a guardrail. “Find a babysitter. I may be here a while.” The last time we wrote, our greenhouse had just succumbed to a wintry death. Then our tractor took... Read the Rest →


Welcome to Farming!

Winter. Tea in hand, farmer curls up by the fire, thumbs through seed catalogues and dreams leisurely dreams about the harvest yet to come. Snow falls quietly. Begin nap sequence. Cue reality: Winter. Awash in a laptop’s electronic glow, farmer squints for days on end at Excel spreadsheets, puzzling over whether 24 tomato plants will feed 40 people for 8 weeks. (Best make it 30 plants.) And which varieties are the tastiest? And won’t wither in our New England climate? And when to start the seeds that will become the... Read the Rest →