An Ongoing Story, In Words and Photos, About The Challenges Of Living Life On The Farm, The Inspiration That Sustains Us And The Lessons Learned Throughout. Thanks for visiting!

A taste like happiness

We’re back from winter’s break.  Our farmhouse remains a weather-beaten outpost in an ocean of snow.  But since our return, signs are stirring that the blanket of frozen white will soon recede.  This week, during a still and brilliant afternoon spent pruning raspberry bushes, a flicker of blue flashed in the thicket at the end of my row.  A blazing blue – entirely unlike the hazy low mountains framing the Quabbain Reservoir on the horizon, and a world apart from the clear winter sky. We saw a second flash, then... Read the Rest →


Taking the bull by the…

Let me be clear – there won’t be any Mary Oliver poems in this story.  In fact, as you may have surmised from the above photo, things got a little, well . . . nuts on the farm this week.  And if you scroll down any further, you’re going to read about – and see pictures of – five bull calves having a very bad day. We have made an effort to spare you the worst but read on at your own risk. Wednesday morning’s class was supposed to be... Read the Rest →


How to Fell a Tree

Things you’ll need: Helmet with ear and eye protection Chaps (preferably with Kevlar mesh lining, which is designed to bind up the chain in the unfortunate event you touch your leg with a spinning saw. Yeouch.) Steel-toed boots and chainsaw gloves (padded with Kevlar) are also a good idea. Supervision by someone who has done this before.  Nothing you’ll read here or anywhere can replace the guidance of an experienced logger. You can kill yourself an astonishing number of ways with a chainsaw, gravity and even a small tree.  Step... Read the Rest →