A Neighborhood CSA for Medford, Somerville and Greater Boston

Medford-Somerville CSA

Plough & Stars Project is a CSA unlike any other.  It is a celebration of community and food’s unique capacity to draw people together.  Our members are all neighbors – households bound by geography but separated by the pace of modern life.  We know each other from a distance, maybe even by name, but rarely do we find the opportunity for deeper connection.  Our CSA strives to challenge that, to designate time and create space for those openings.

The word “companion” comes from the Latin, “companionem” which means, “one with whom you break bread”. Our members – our companions – harvest rows of beans together, wash buckets of carrots and look after our bees.  They gather together each week for neighborhood pickups, contribute their own artisan crafts and cook for each other when the harvest is done.  Each person takes home a vast variety of produce, grown in love for healthy soil and bodies, but our goal is also to send them home with a new sense of belonging – to place and each other.

Our Medford Hillside CSA is 30 families strong and growing.  If you live outside the Hillside and would like to explore the possibility of starting up your own “N(eighborhood)SA”, please reach out.  We can help you get organized.  Our official agreement spells out many of the specifics but here are the basic benefits our members enjoy:

fall_market_smA CSA, with choice

Instead of a pre-packed box of produce, we allow our members to choose what they want each week from a market-style display of the harvest.  Thanks to a new partnership with the Farm School, we will have an especially exciting array of options for 2016 – roots, salad greens, storage crops, onions, fruits and many specialty items, rotating constantly between 120 varieties.  The plan will throw a few novel items at you when you’re up for a culinary challenge.  Be we’ve also got you covered when all you need are the basics.


IMG_9822The Farm on your Fork

While it is our job to bring you a wide variety of fresh, delectable vegetables that impress all by their lonesome, some culinary inspiration can really make them shine.  Through seasonal samples at our harvest pickups, advice from our resident chef Nancy Darish, our online recipe archive or providing a glimpse of the amazing dishes coming out of your neighbor’s kitchens, we’re here to help you put your beautiful produce to good use.



catchup-12Touch Dirt

We think farm life and work is fantastic and we are committed to sharing that experience with our community. Through growing tips in our home garden, regular stories on our blog and in print, or volunteer work days at our fields in Lincoln, we want you to think of the farm as your own.  Thanks to a partnership with Medford High School we also offer apprenticeships to local students who work along side us, learn a lifelong skill and have fun getting dirty.  Touch, taste and dig ’till your hearts content.



Dinner Club Parties

We have some amazing neighbors who are extraordinary cooks and we think that should be celebrated – often! This year we’re hosting three potlucks – Spring, Summer and Fall – and providing you with seasonally appropriate produce for inspiration. In the fall, we’ll do it up big time again – string up lights, bake some pumpkin pies, make some music and let the kids run loose.