Spring Heros

This is the time of year when we step out of the house and into the garden and feel like heroes.  The potential for a season of bountiful harvests is everywhere.  Floppy green squash leaves fan out all over the yard.  Curly bean tendrils reach out to grab hold of the bottom trellis rung.  Shoots of corn stand proud and orderly in their weed-free beds.  We’ve already harvested blackberries, strawberries, lettuce, chard and spinach.  And a riotous flock of six new peeping chicks chatter on in their brooder, waiting in the wings (heh heh) to take their place in the lifecycle of our yard.

We’ve been here before and it has gone downhill fast before.  So why not revel in the accomplishments while it lasts right?


The best part of the “snack yard”.  None of these have made it into the house.

Our first two!  (Which soon become our sacrificial offering to the local squirrels)

Carrot tops from an ant’s view

Beds 1-6 (of 8)

Weed-free corn!

Yugoslavian Flame Lettuce

Not edible (but we’re going to let it live)

Single Portfolio Item