Life & Times of Dorothy the Backyard Chicken

Dorothy, as she and her sisters are all named, was the smallest biggest chicken bully you’ve ever met. Despite being smaller than the others, she was at the top of the pecking order and for her abbreviated life, attacked everything and everyone: buttons, freckles, her fellow hens, Erik.  This is why we ‘volunteered’ Dorothy and her evil sidekick, Other Dorothy, to pioneer the butcher block followed by the soup pot. We decided on this for two reasons: first, to test our mettle by eating a creature we had raised from a fluff ball, and second, to give respite to the remaining poor, bloodied hens.

We have Buff Orpingtons, the yellow Labradors of poultry. Generally affable, unflappable (ha ha), hardy and huge, they’re ‘dual purpose’ birds raised for both meat and eggs. Generally meat birds (‘broiler hen’ is the joyless term) meet their end early – as young as 5-7 weeks old. Our chickies were old hags in comparison and lived literally ten times that long before the curtain closed.

Here is a photo essay paying tribute to Dorothy and Other Dorothy’s happy, productive and tasty life.

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