Week 1

Maggies Farm – Home away from home.  Don’t ask me what Bob Dylan was talking about.  This place is great.

I suspect it’s no coincidence that our first week of Farm School coincides with the magical time of year when all the leaves are at their peak brilliance.  After people have uprooted their lives, sold their homes, left careers and family members to live among strangers and learn how to farm…  (Read More)






The view from my room.


Our days have been starting out a lot like this: Tired but beautiful.


A trip to the North Orange fields. Mode of transportation? Hay wagon, of course.


One of our vegetable growing mentors, Tyson, explaining the magic of nitrogen fixing.


One of our twice-daily chores. This is Kate on sheep duty.


This is the amazingly courageous Damiana braving chicken duty. Damiana started this year with a healthy fear of animals.


Momoko and company on cow chores.


Both carrots were planted at the same time. Carrot on the left, from a bed which had been thinned and weeded. Carrot on the right from a bed which had not yet gotten the attention.


Sarah with “Patience” our beautiful Jersey milk cow.


Patience, being not so patient with our sheep.


But Patience lives up to her name with us, despite our many untrained hands. This was take our first taste.


The rest of the week was spend discovering this is one dirty business.


But hopefully the customers never know. (Packing our first CSA share!)


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