Week 3

In November of 1992, 1,700 of the world’s leading scientists (including the majority of the Nobel laureates in the sciences) published a little-known document called the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity.  It’s a quick and sobering read, using simple words to describe our future and the choices we have to make or pay dearly for later.  Next month will mark the 20th anniversary of that document and its starting feel like the future they describe is now blowing not too far off our coast, literally.  Their letter opens like this…CONTINUE READING





Clutch with his third rabbit in three days. Clutch likes to leave the remains in the room of his favorite students. I’m trying to avoid getting too friendly.


Singing Kumbaya. Just kidding. We’re not that bad.


If I were a bird, I’d hire this guy to build my nest too. All business on the bottom, but lined with horse hair on the inside.


Transplanting lettuce in the hoop house.


Yesssss! Sheep Teeth! (To quote Dina)


Steven, instructing us on how to take out our aggression, through planting garlic.


Less agitated garlic planters, Sarah and Andrew, starting a new row.


Riding to the woods.


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