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Too Much of a Good Thing

“A dry summer will scare you to death.  A wet summer will starve you to death.” Fellow famer John Moore intoned these words as he watched a slow trickle of customers eyeball his offerings of grass fed beef and maple syrup at the Athol Farmers Market.  Moore works a neighboring farm in Orange, MA and we have in common a patch of sky that either blesses or curses our fields each year.  This summer, despite a warm and dry start, fields around here are now rivers of mud, having been... Read the Rest →



The calls started to roll in at 3:30 on Monday.  Seattle first, then New York, then Washington DC.  At the farm we were devising a new watering system for 30 new piglets.  It was the sort of day I’ve longed for during this persistent winter – bright, with a gentle breeze and the smell of freshly turned dirt.  Nothing but chickens clucking and rhythm of our work stood out from the stillness of the afternoon. But back in Boston, my city was under attack and editors from around the country... Read the Rest →