Fairytale Version

The groundwork for our vision has already begun.  This fall Erik will be attending Farm School in Athol, MA where he will learn how to do everything from planting seeds and financing farms to fixing tractors and framing barns.

And while we think it is important to share with you the head-in-the-clouds, ideal picture of what we’re striving for, a few feet-on-the-ground acknowledgements are warranted first:

  • While many of the details of this vision are quite clear, we admit that the financing is not.  But we’re working on it.
  • We acknowledge that this vision is subject to our ongoing experience of farming and the prevailing winds of life.  As such, it will grow, shrink and adapt over time.
  • Despite our impatient nature, we recognize that this project is an ambitious vision and may only come into being piece by piece.

Though the final destination may change, our mission will stay the same.  We embark on this endeavor trusting the premise that when you really believe in something the universe will conspire to help make it happen.  It has served us well in the past.  It just doesn’t give us much to go on until we’re there.

So with this in mind, put on your magical thinking hat for a moment and bear with us.  Reality check is over…

Once upon a future time (probably somewhere in greater New England), at the intersection of place, food and spirit, there will be a diversified four-season organic farm called The Plough and Stars.  

The Plough and Stars will consist of 30+ acres of tillable bottomland, open pasture and rolling hillside that inspires the imagination and makes the heart sing.  On that land, nutrient dense vegetables and piles of healthy animals will thrive in an ecologically sound and sustainable food system.  Surrounding that vision will be 50+ acres of forest which will be actively managed for syrup, timber, firewood and wildlife habitat.

In addition to producing great food, Plough and Stars will be a teaching farm dedicated to raising awareness about the effects of everyday food choices.  By opening up our operation to the public, providing learning opportunities and showcasing our food through agriculturally minded chefs, we hope to reawaken humanity’s connection to the earth and inspire better stewards of our bodies and the planet.

Finally, The Plough and Stars will seek to foster community and nurture spiritual connectedness.  Whether your beliefs are secular or religious, we believe living close to the land, understanding the rhythm of nature, taking the time to be still, standing in awe and practicing gratitude help us gain insight into our place within the universe.  And we seek to be that place for all who are hungry to work, explore, sing, dance, eat or just be.

Upon hearing this plan, the great farmland fairy godmother cried for joy and left a pile of money under a rock to ensure it would come to fruition.  The planet, our community and farmer Erik and Dina lived happily ever after.

The End.

(0r perhaps, The Beginning…)