We Seek:

Today, the Plough and Stars Project is just an idea.  But we believe it is more than that.  We see it as an ideal.  It is an experiment in living our values, in spite of the risk and a test of what a community committed to those values can accomplish.  This website is one tool for us to build and engage that community – our own little army of radical dirt-loving peace-seeking lunatics1.  Our hope is that one day this ideal will manifest itself in dirt and be a place where many people will come to seek sanctuary.

What form Plough and Stars will ultimately take is a work in progress.  In choosing to attend Farm School this fall, we have committed ourselves to a year of chopping wood and carrying water to find a sensible meeting place for our biggest dreams and the limitations of real life.

Ideas, reading suggestions and words of encouragement for our occasional panic attacks are always welcome.  But right now, we seek partners with equally ambitious visions to help in the following ways:

Rain Makers – Do you want to be involved but can’t exactly quit your day job right now? Please consider a donation that we will gratefully put toward Farm School tuition. We have thank you gifts aplenty! See for yourself…

Land Owners – We’re looking hard for that perfect piece of land, the place where all these intentions will take physical form. If you have land that needs a new caretaker or know someone who does, we hope you’ll be in touch. You can find more details about what we’re looking for here…

Many Hands – The passion we have for healthy and sustainable food that benefits both people and planet is one we share with many people. While we’re working on the best way to bring this forth in the world, we want to connect with others who are charting complimentary paths.  Are you:

  • A passionate teacher who want to be involved in agricultural education?
  • A visionary chef who wants to create a kitchen with an intimate connection to land?
  • A creative thinker fascinated by sustainable food systems or new methods for agricultural financing?
  • A yogi, a minister or a philospher inspired by the connection between agriculture and spirituality?

In the spirit of many hands making light work, we hope you’ll be in touch so we might hoe this row together.


1 – An homage to Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms.