Land Owners

Landowners in Massachusetts and Western North Carolina:

  • Are you a farmer winding down a career? Do you want to see your land’s agricultural identity preserved into the future?
  • Are you a landowner who might be interested in an agricultural/educational/culinary business opportunity?
  • Are you an organization dedicated to farmland preservation with APR land you need need to find a steward for?

These are just a few examples of ways we are looking for land.  But there are many creative financing options we’re considering and are open to.  In the long run, ownership is essential but in the short term leases and other tenure arrangements are a possibility.

We are looking for land, 20 acres and up, with a equal balance of forest, pasture and tillable land, for a diversified organic farm which will include small livestock.  Access to water (stream, pond etc.) on the property is a high priority (a protected water shed is ideal).  A livable structure on the land is important and any existing farm infrastructure (irrigation, barns, equipment) is a plus.

Finding the right piece of land will be difficult and when people ask us where we will end up, we joke that the decision is akin doctors “deciding” where they are going to do their residency.  We will basically go where the land is available to us, but our search begins in Massachusetts (our current home) and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina (where Erik grew up).

We will gratefully accept leads and inquiries of all kinds.