These are a few of the nice shouts and murmurs we’ve heard floating around the media universe:

bbc-news-logo-821191973In August, Erik was on The BBC! Talking ever-so eloquently (tongue firmly in cheek) about “this farm thing”.  See the story HERE.




voguelogo Spanish Vogue (go figure) featured our soap in the April 2013 edition of the magazine!  “Erik Jacobs and Dina Rudick were two stressed photographers for ‘The Boston Globe’ until they retreated to realize a dream: ‘Plough & Stars’, a blog about their life on the farm. It offers courses on how to make soap, yoga classes and meals with foods right next door.”


logo-bg The Boston Globe has asked us to write a series of monthly features called “Letter from Farm School”. The first installment ran January 2nd with the cover of the G section and FOUR pages inside splashed with giant pictures of dirt and cows and bloody chickens. Unfortunately the text is behind the pay wall, but you can see the beautiful layout here.


NPR – Surprisingly, the photo world has has not come crashing down despite Erik’s absence (sarcasm, again, implied).  But NPR did this nice story on the transition of a photojournalist turned farmer anyway.


Good Food Jobs – Interviewed Erik and featured him as one of their Gastrognomes which apparently makes him, “a jovial individual whose main purpose on earth is to connect people who derive pleasure from good food.”  We can live with that.


The Greenhorns – After Wendell Berry convinced us that the agrarian life was the one for us, The Greenhorns was the second book we turned to in order to figure out what we were getting ourselves into.  The Greenhorns is the semi-official voice of the new farmer movement so this shout out was quite an honor.


smoda-profileS Moda – Who would have thought you could go to Farm School and end up in a Spanish magazine about Fashion, Beauty and Celebrities?! This story is from S Moda, the Saturday magazine insert to El Pais most widely-circulated newspaper in Spain.  (Spanish speakers, see 1st and 2nd paragraph)



The Boston GlobeThe Food editor, Sheryl Julian, says she’s jealous that Erik gets to go farm school and she doesn’t.  We’re not necessarily disagreeing but that might be saying something coming from someone who dines for a living.




Ted Reinstein of WCVB’s evening news magazine, Chronicle, featured this segment on the Farm School, concluding with a nice shout out to our blog at the 4:10 mark.